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Downloading and Installing

Pathena is written in Python and uses the Tkinter library, which provides access to the Tcl/Tk graphical user interface (GUI) services. These components are available for nearly all platforms.

Linux and Unix

Python and PostgreSQL are available for Linux distributions as well as Solaris and BSD-family operating systems. Pathena's installation script checks for necessary software so you can just download the tar file (120 KB) and try it. From the README file:

  1. Go to your home directory and unpack the tar file:
         tar -xvzf tar-path/pathena-0.3.4.tgz
    This will create the subdirectory '.pathena' under your home directory. All source code, database files and user configuration data will be kept here. No special privilege is needed to run Pathena; all software runs with user access permissions only.
  2. Run the installation script:
    This script will check for suitable versions of required software. If all packages are available, the initial database will be created using default parameter values. A database server process will be started and left running, then the GUI client for submitting queries will be started. If all is successful, Pathena will be ready for immediate use.

If anything is missing, you can read the INSTALL file for more information about building the necessary components.

Other Platforms

Pathena doesn't run on Windows, although a Windows version might be created in the future. In theory, Pathena should work under Mac OS X, but no attempt has been made to test this hypothesis.

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